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How Casinos use Math to make money from slots


All casinos across the world manage to look lavish with finesse atmosphere and elite and beautiful people walking around the ambience. All this is done to attract the customers and hook them to their seats. However, these attraction veils some demerits, apart from the hidden rule of ‘house edge’. How do they manage to not go bankrupt despite providing payouts, bonuses and jackpots? The strategy is straightforward! They use math to discover their profits even before a gambler thinks of the move. One such game that is targeted is the slot machines. It is claimed as a game of chance and luck, but on the contrary, it is just filled with skilful and pure math. They’re the assets to the casino industry as they make about 60%-80% of the casino industry revenue in the United States.

Popular Slot machine claims

  • The more you play, the higher the chance of winning a jackpot
  • The more you play, the better you’ll realize and predict the strategy
  • Slot machines are manipulated by the casinos to prevent people from winning the jackpots.


It’s a game of chance

Seasoned players, who are more serious about winning millions of dollars from gambling, never get into the world of slots. This is because the game is filled with pure luck and is a game of chance. Although there is incredible math that goes behind it, it is nearly impossible to crack the code.

For example, consider 20 various symbols on every reel, for a slot machine with three reels, then the combination would be 20x20x20 = 8000 combinations that need to appear on the reels. Keep in mind that the combinations increase or decreases depending on the number of reels. And if the combination to win a jackpot is 7 7 7, then the probability of winning is 1 in 8000 chances.


The slot machine payouts are generally in the form of percentages. For example, 97.8% payout means the machine return 97 cents and keeps 2.2 cents. However, it happens when you’ve invested a lot of time on these machines and, it is not always true that higher the time spent on the machine, higher is the payout. But the reality is that for every penny you drop into the machine, the casino makes a profit from that. This is the main agenda behind making billions of dollars from slot machines.

Beating the slots

Beating the slots

Hence, it is clear that it is nearly impossible to beat the system. However, there are always loopholes that can be figured out which can turn in your favour over the long run. There is a community of slot machine lovers that claim that the only way to win at slot machines is not to think about winning.


It is essential to know that math is present and implied in every casino game, whether you agree to it or not. That’s how the casino makes money and technically gives you packing your own money in the form of bonuses and jackpots.

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